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Ziggy, July, 1999

Ziggy One July day, a volunteer from South Bay Purebred Rescue strolled through the Sacramento (California) County Animal Care and Control Shelter. Huddled in the corner of a run was a small black male Lab. He was extremely lethargic and had a copious green discharge from his nose. She rescued him on the spot and quickly sought emergency treatment.

The veterinarian that examined Ziggy suspected distemper and kennel cough complicated by pneumonia. The rescuer applied to LABMED for emergency funds and they were quickly granted. Treatment was immediately begun.

X-rays and blood tests confirmed the presence of pneumonia and the distemper was confirmed positive, but Ziggy was a fighter and had a will to live. He quickly recovered with under the excellent nursing care of his rescuer and the help of antibiotics. Although he is not showing any symptoms at the present time, because he was positive for distemper he may show neurological signs - most likely seizures - in the future. The veterinarian had worked with the rescuer before and had high praise for her very capable home health care.

The cough cleared up, Ziggy gained weight and was soon the happy healthy Lab we all know and love. A few weeks later his rescuer took him to at Pet Fair sponsored by South Bay Purebred Rescue. Ziggy was the first one adopted by a couple that was not at all put off by the fact that he had had distemper. Their adopted cat also had recovered from distemper and was showing no symptoms.

Another LABMED success story with a happy ending!

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