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Zoey, March, 2001


This frightened, young black Lab was brought in to the Skagit County, WA, animal shelter with a gaping chest wound. An alert animal control officer immediately notified PSLRA Lab Rescue, and "Zoey" was rushed to a vet for emergency care. Although Zoey's injuries were not immediately life-threatening, it was clear that several surgical procedures would be needed to repair her extensively damaged skin.

LABMED, Labrador Life Line, and PSLRA joined together to fund Zoey's surgeries and the lengthy follow-up care that was required. The burden of the specialized nursing care that was needed fell on Zoey's foster mom: Zoey's wounds needed to be cleaned and irrigated several times each day. Sweet Zoey put up with these painful treatments without complaint - even when the only ones available to help restrain Zoey were the foster mom's children, ages five and seven!

As Zoey continued her recovery, PSLRA Rescue began to look for a home for her. Although the vet who had treated Zoey was hoping to adopt her, it became clear that Zoey had suffered severe emotional as well as physical trauma. Zoey needed a very quiet, peaceful home where her spirit could heal along with her body. And sure enough, before long the perfect family came along: a retired couple who could provide just the nurturing atmosphere that Zoey needed. Now Zoey is living a snuggle-filled life with her new mom and dad, and gradually learning that people can be trusted to take care of her. This very special rescue dog has touched the hearts of everyone who came in contact with her!

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