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How to Help

LABMED's Wish List

In order to keep overhead expenses low so we may fund as many dogs as possible, we rely on the generous donations of our supporters. Below is a list of goods and services that we would like for our fundraising and promotional efforts. If you are interested in donating a specific item or the money to purchase it, please let us know!

  • Dog or Lab-related items for auction.
  • Occasional pro-bono legal aid
  • LABMED would love to start seeking grants from companies and foundations, but these places typically require an independent audit, and these are expensive. If you know of a CPA who might volunteer to help Labs, or if you have another suggestion, we'd love to hear from you!
  • Free or reduced cost copying of our printed materials.

Items Generously Donated

Please see our Buddies Page.

LABMED offers a hearty 'Thank You' to our very generous donors!

Our new Show Banners were donated by Greg & Leslie Jevyak. We asked why they decided to donate the banners to LABMED, their reply:

"It's actually been an honor to work with you through the internet and to be able to provide LABMED with new banners. We have donated money and bought a few logo items to support LABMED prior to the banner donation. We am very impressed with the emergency assistance that LABMED provides rescued Labradors and how you operate using the internet to take care of their needs.

We cannot conceive of how anyone could injure or abandon any dog, much less a breed as special as the Labrador. Their gentle demeanor, their willingness to please, their incredible learning ability. It is so sad to think that anyone could abandon or injure one of these beautiful, intelligent creatures. It is important to us that they get the medical care and new loving homes that they need.

We hope that the banner donation will help LABMED to become even more visible and generate increased funds for the important work that you do. Every day our Labrador puts a smile on our faces. We wouldn't trade that for anything! To see our spoiled Labrador visit his web site at --- Casey's Page.

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